Consulting Services

Consulting ServicesAt Know-How Innovations (KHI), our objective is to ensure that your business is self-reliant and placed on a focused, sustainable trajectory to growth and profitability. We offer expertise in Business Growth, Value Creation, Strategy Execution, and Operations Management tailored to your industry and your organization. KHI imparts knowledge and experience from world-class business management standards to help you identify and pursue a sound growth plan in the shortest time possible.

Additionally, KHI understands the importance and value of people and what it takes to nurture and develop future leaders and confident team members. Our on-site training workshops equip your workforce with new knowledge, valuable skills, and the ability to apply tried and tested, sound business strategy and operations know-how.

Through our on-site consulting, along with training workshops, KHI’s value offering traverses the end-to-end workings of your business.


Typical Benefits and Results

Business Value Growth:

  • Increased revenue through market share growth and decisive market penetration.
  • Increased profitability through structured and safe permanent reductions in expenses.
  • Increased value of assets through the rapid conversation of liabilities.

Ease of Operations:

  • Increased capacity for greater output.
  • Increased capability for variety and flexibility of products and services.
  • Improved business efficiency correctly and without loss of headcount.
  • Improved ease of operations through end-to-end business simplification.


  • Improved brand presence and delivery on brand promises.
  • Improved internal organizational cohesion by nurturing a brand family culture.
  • Improved brand associations for customers.

Our Approach

The 4Ps of Business Management:

Management of PURPOSE

  • Define your Business Values
  • Determine your Business Direction
  • Design and Execute your Strategy

Management of PROCESS

  • Derive Strategy-aligned Operations Objectives
  • Understand your Customers’ Needs
  • Increase Value Creation for your Customers and Stakeholders

Management of PRODUCT

  • Understand your Product Performance
  • Simplify and Improve your Value Offering
  • Greatly Improve Market Share and Market Penetration

Management of PEOPLE

  • Empower your Workforce with Knowledge and Skills
  • Create Confident Leaders
  • Achieve a Culture of Growth and Ownership

Our Consultant Network

Our team is here to empower you and supercharge your business! Our network of frontline, field experienced leader-consultants are versatile, energetic, and driven individuals who are powerhouses of expertise, ready to act as – and create – force multipliers in your organization.

Our leader-consultants are experienced with balancing theoretical abstracts and practical execution, easily traversing the gap between high-level strategic thinking and detail-oriented process decisions without losing sight of either. They are creative and out-of-the-box problem solvers, excelling in their ability to breach process obstacles and break new ground.

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